Features & Benefits

Atomizer is perfectly leak-proof thanks to the patented locking system and offers complete olfactory neutrality

Package Details

  • No metal or elastomeric part in contact with the fragrance
  • Can be packaged directly on the production line
  • Uses same materials used in all fragrance pumps


  • Seal Tight: 15mm FEA
  • Screw: Europa 4


  • Variable


Preview the first ever i-mock-up for the perfume industry launched by Aptar beauty + home*

* for smartphones and tablets

Download available through Google Play and the App Store.


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Color Palette

Cut down on color matching time by choosing one of our 81 standard North America color options.

All are available for no additional upcharge other than standard color upcharge, are FDA approved and available in opaque, pearlescent and translucent tones.

Colors marked with an asterisk (*) are available in opaque only.

Contact your Customer Service Account Manager for actual chips at: (262) 363 7191

Colors are meant for simulation purposes only. No liability can be accepted for actual colors based only on screen representation. All colors conform to CONEG legislation and SARA 313, and California proposition 65 as of this date for non-toxic Heavy Metal Free requirements.