GUERLAIN creates its new skincare product with Aptar's ALBION 30 SLIM

Nov. 18, 11

Guerlain chooses Albion 30 Slim by Aptar beauty + home for its Orchidée Impériale Serum

Guerlain has combined the expertise of Auriplast with that of Aptar beauty + home to offer a tailor-made luxury bottle for its new and precious Orchidée Impériale serum.

The Albion 30 Slim, a new design by Aptar beauty + home, was chosen by the Guerlain brand for the development of its latest Skincare product. A new version in the Albion range, this 30 ml airless pump-dispenser bottle enables Guerlain to stand out from the crowd. In addition to its compact size, the bottle also features a system that provides easy and accurate dosing of serums.

In harmony with the upmarket spirit of the House of Guerlain, the Albion 30 Slim was given a luxurious collar. A mechanical system enables operating the airless container with a focus on aesthetics, concealing any functional aspects from sight.

The transparent central portion allows a deep blue color to show through in line with the color codes of the Orchidée Impériale range. Now, more than ever before, aesthetics and comfort of use are beautifully combined.

A truly unique design, reflecting the values of the House of Guerlain and the excellence of its products.

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