BIOMARIS Entrusts Aptar's EDEN for Their New Skin Care Line

Nov. 23, 11

BIOMARIS entrusts Aptar beauty + home with its new skin care range

For its new BIOMARIS med range of dermatological skin care products, BIOMARIS chose expertise and creativity: the brand opted for EDEN, the innovative airless packaging collection by Aptar beauty + home.


After a long period of research and development, BIOMARIS has perfected truly innovative skin care products that meet customer expectations in treating sensitive, dry to very dry, allergy-prone or irritated skin.

Eden's fully recyclable packaging is whole in keeping with BIOMARIS’s values and approach. Choosing Eden meant having a unique design worthy of the innovative and exclusive nature of BIOMARIS SKIN BARRIER CONCEPT which has been developed with a unique complex of active ingredients from pure deep sea water, essential fatty acids and caper flower bud extract.

Offering true comfort of use, Eden packaging also ensures an optimum restitution rate of the formulas, whatever their viscosity. Eden positively reflects the expertise of BIOMARIS and the overall brand feel that promises the highest quality product in skincare.

For more information, contact Aptar beauty + home Press Relations.


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